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The Fountain Hills Community Center for years has been home to a wide variety of events, some historical, in the community. Local organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, use the facility for monthly meetings and guest speakers. Fund raisers, such as the many memorable spaghetti dinners, have been held at the center. The center is often the starting point for the annual Women’s Club House Tour. Art exhibits and public displays are also held in the center.

Images captured from past events and activities held at the old Community Center over the years are likely to become a part of the new River of Time museum that, in part, offers a look at the past history of Fountain Hills.

The new 30,000 square foot Fountain Hills Community Center, located at the Town Center complex, along La Montana Drive, will host numerous memorable events that will become the history of the community. Prior to the construction of the new center, large events were held in facilities outside of Fountain Hills, or in facilities that were not necessarily designed for large events. The new center provides a new, quality facility for events of all sizes.

Conference and class rooms will provide a new appropriate place for meetings, seminars and projects. There is also a child care center intended to accommodate the children of those attending meetings and events.

The facility features a catering kitchen and can accommodate large banquets with as many as 550 participants in a banquet style setting and up to 1150 in a theatre style setting.

With the new facility and several upscale hotel and resort accommodations in Fountain Hills, the hope of town officials and residents is that the community can attract and host small to medium sized conventions and conferences.

Fountain Hills Community Center
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