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Arizona is a great place to Hike! Because of its varied climate zones, there are a number of hikes available throughout the year in different areas of the state. Hikes located in and near Fountain Hills can be enjoyed in the fall, winter and spring months.

Additionally, there are plenty of hikes in the cool, mountainous, pine-scented Mogollon Rim country an hour and half to the northeast of Fountain Hills. Add another hour or two to that drive and you can also enjoy high-altitude hiking in the Flagstaff and White Mountains areas.

The great thing about Arizona hiking is the diversity of landscapes and trails you will find here. The local hikes take you into the beautiful Sonoran Desert zone with its open vistas, hearty flora and rugged exposed geology. The Mogollon Rim lets you hike next to flowing streams comfortably ensconced within the shade of towering Ponderosa pines. In the White Mountains of eastern Arizona and the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff you can hike in the Aspens at 10,000 and then go above treeline for spectacular 100 mile plus views.Since there are too many hikes to cover in all of Arizona, this page will stick to the best local hikes and those within a convenient hour or two drive of Fountain Hills. Please remember that hiking can be a dangerous sport at times, especially for the uninitiated.

Dehydration and heat stroke are very real dangers in desert hiking, and hypothermia is very possible in the mountain hikes. Please learn all you can about hiking safety if you are inexperienced, and take it easy on the first hikes you attempt. NEVER hike alone and always let others know where you are going! Cell phones are a good idea but they don’t always get a signal on more remote hikes, so have a backup plan. has listedthe best hikes in the Fountain Hills area for your convenience. Difficulty is on a 1-5 scale where 1=easy and 5=very difficult.

Hikes close to Fountain Hills AZ

Butcher Jones Trail

A beautiful but often busy trail that mostly follows the northern shoreline of Saguaro Lake. The trail starts at Butcher Jones Beach and intermittently climbs a few hundred feet above the lake for commanding views and drops back down to the shoreline at various locations for fishing, picnicking, or just plain enjoying the lake. Tonto Pass required for parking.

Seasons: All Seasons (Summer=Hot) Difficulty : Easy Miles from FH:19
Dixie Mine Trail

Located at the far northwest corner of Fountain Hills, this is an easy 2.5 mile hike to an abandoned mine in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains. This hike features Classic Sonoran Desert landscape. When you reach the Dixie Mine you get fantastic views of the McDowell range up-close, as well as views of the massive valley between the McDowells and Mazatzals.

Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring Difficulty: Easy Miles from FH: 4
Lake Overlook Trail

This very short hike takes you from Fountain Lake Park to a ridge east of the lake that provides an incredible panoramic view of the Lake, the Fountain and also Fountain Hills. The other direction provides views of Four Peaks, the Superstitions, Goldfield Mountains as well as Ft. McDowell Reservation. The hike is a loop that connects the NE and NW corns of the Fountain Park..

Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Difficulty: Easy Miles from FH:0
Sunrise Trail

A relatively short but steep hike that rewards diligent hikers with incredible views of the whole valley as well as Fountain Hills. Starts at a parking area before a gated community and climbs in a canyon behind a row of houses. Soon it leaves the houses behind and becomes a relentless climb in a tranquil boulder filled canyon. A couple viewpoints are available half way up.

Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring Difficulty: Hard Miles from FH : 7

Featured Hike over an Hour from Fountain Hills

Horton Creek

Located below the Mogollon Rim about 20 miles east of Payson, this is a heavenly hike in the warmer months. The gently climbing trail parallels Horton Creek (flows all year) up to the Horton Springs. About a quarter of the time the trail is right next to the creek and there are many places to sit on large boulders and enjoy this world so-close yet so different from the desert.

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall   Difficulty: Medium   Miles from FH: 83

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