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Lakes near Fountain Hills

Many visitors are pleasantly surprised by the number and size of lakes in Arizona. Fountain Hills is especially fortunate to be almost centrally located amidst seven of the most popular lakes in the state. Also, the Verde River passes a few miles east of Fountain Hills and flows most of the year. And along with the Fountain, 30-acre Fountain Lake is the centerpiece of the beautiful downtown park area. has both summarized and mapped all of the nearby lakes for your convenience:

Lakes near Fountain Hills - Summaries

Apache Lake

Of the lakes listed in FountainHillsGuide, Apache Lake can be considered the most remote. The second of the four main Salt River reservoirs, it is 25 air miles away but 65 miles by road and some of that is a dirt road. Because of this it is the least visited, so if you prefer more solitude this may be the lake for you. Despite its remoteness it has many modern amenities.

Surface Area: 2,600 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 65 miles
Bartlett Lake

Bartlett Lake is one of two reservoirs on the Verde River 15 miles north-northeast of Fountain Hills. Bartlett Lake is more known for water sports than fishing, although there are a number of fish species in the lake. Despite its proximity to Fountain Hills, getting to Bartlett Lake requires a 44 mile drive on paved roads. A marina is on the lake with pontoon boat rentals.

Surface Area: 2,800 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 44 miles
Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is considered by many to be the most picturesque lake of the Salt River chain of lakes. Steep rock walls rise up from the water's edge as the lake meanders back into a narrow canyon. A popular pastime here is a cruise on the Dolly Steamboat that takes visitors back into the depths of the canyon. Access to the lake is by way of a drive on the stunning Apache Trail.

Surface Area: 925 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 44 miles
Fountain Lake

Although there is no swimming or fishing allowed in Fountain Lake, the area is still a great place to spend the day enjoying activities around the lake. Shady trees and green grass offer a fine place for a picnic. The walking paths around the lake are ideal for walking, biking, or in-line skating. Other amenities at the park include picnic ramadas, park benches, restrooms, and

Surface Area: 30 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 0 miles
Horseshoe Lake

This lake is the more difficult lake to get to of the two on the Verde River. The lake also experiences major fluctuation by the Salt River Project in the summertime due to the fact that water supply needs of Valley residents increases. SRP has been known to nearly drain the reservoir in summer. Horseshoe Lake is 22 miles east of Carefree and 10 miles north of Bartlett Lake.

Surface Area: 2,722 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 47 miles
Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is a very popular watersports lake in central Arizona. This large 10,000 acre lake is popular among sailors, wind surfers, boaters, and sport fishing enthusiasts. A full service marina is located right on the lake with a floating dockside bar, store, watercraft rentals, and boat repair service.

Surface Area: 10,000 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 49 miles
Roosevelt Lake

Once the largest man-made lake in the world, Roosevelt Lake still reigns as the largest of the six Salt River Project lakes. At full capacity, the lake covers 21,500 acres. This means plenty of space for wild water sports and quiet fishing. Hundreds of improved and unimproved camp sites are available. Nearby Tonto National Monument and museum preserves a 13th century structure.

Surface Area: 21,500 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 74 miles
Saguaro Lake

The closest large lake to Fountain Hills, Saguaro Lake is the last of the Salt River reservoirs before the river flows into Phoenix. Saguaro Lake is a scenic lake with towering red and yellow cliff walls. The lake is almost always busy with activity. A full-service marina, restaurant and Desert Belle paddle boat tour are just some of the fun activities you will find there.

Surface Area: 1,100 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 18 miles
Tempe Town Lake

This man-made lake in the otherwise dry riverbed of the Salt River is the result of inflated dams at each end along the banks of the City of Tempe. The Tempe Beach Park along the lakes south shore has a dock with boat rentals and light concessions. The park also features a sandy "beach" area and a large grass lawn for recreation and entertainment. Tempe holds events at the par

Surface Area: 220 acres;    Drive Distance from FH: 21 miles

Lakes near Fountain Hills - Mapped

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